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Thread: Tips on Examining a Logan 12"

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    Post Tips on Examining a Logan 12"

    I'm going to take a look at a Logan 12" lathe tomorrow. The owner says that it a gear change type with a 36" bed. So far, the only additional components that it is known to have are a 3-jaw chuck and a dead center. He opined that it is of the 50's or 60's vintage.

    Aside from general inspection tips, are there any particular things to watch for on a lathe of this type? Any thoughts in this regard would be appreciated.

    Also, what might be an expected price range?


    Don Kinzer
    Portland, OR
    Don Kinzer
    Portland, OR

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    Logan still supplies at least some parts - see

    For inspection tips on lathes or mills see the exceelent advice from Dave Ficken on the Meridian Machinery web site:

    Dave sells used machine tools and is one of the most honest individuals I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

    Mike Henry in Batavia, IL
    Mike Henry near Chicago

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