Hey, I Have been lurking here for quite a while so I decided that i should Finally get an account, and while I am new to this forum I am definitely not a stranger to forums. I am A third Year Machinist Apprentice in Calgary Alberta.

Anyway I Purchased A Pretty nice Logan 200 lathe about 4 months ago and it was in good shape, I must Say I am pretty Impressed By this machine. While I haven't used it to actually make anything As I have to order cutting tools I really like the way it is put together and how every little thing works.

I took everything apart besides the headstock and stripped off the old paint and repainted it, There were very few things that needed repair and the bed was In pretty good condition besides a few nick here and there.

I got the thing for 600.00 from a lady, It was her fathers and he had since been put into a home so she was getting rid of all his things. This thing was in his basement so me and my buddy loaded up some tools and took like 3 hours Dismantling it. It came with 3 chucks a 4-Jaw, and 2 3-jaws one of which is a cool little Taylor chuck. There were also a few other small things and some cutting tools. It came with an American Standard tool post which I do not like so I whipped one up at work.

The Color looks really light in these photos and its actually Darker In real life.

This is the Taylor Chuck Its pretty neat because the Scroll Plate and jaws are both angled.