My oldest sis' is computer poor (Pentium 1!) and I'm trying to do a freebie upgrade for her.

I'm finishing up this morning resuscitating an ol' reliable Dell PII 400 I had up in the attic. I threw in a small, freshly FAT32 formatted Seagate HD and (finally) installed a shiny, new W2000 OS. I say finally 'cuz I had all manner of problems getting the low level stuff working (due to my ignorance) but a search of past threads where Evan and other fellers in the forum quickly sorted my lack of PC experience produced the solution and now all is well. It boots and W2000 pops up with no error messages and is ready to do my bidding. Thanks guys, I'm so proud! This forum is a fantastic resource.

Anyhoo, I'd like to do everything I can in the comfort of my shop so's I can get the "new" one as ready as possible to reduce the pain when it comes time to shift over her favorites, email stuff, etc. from the ol' tired box to this hoefully less tired one.

(1) I have all my PC's here at home on a wireless network and would like to access it so I can get online to download all the W2000 updates that were available before they shut off it's support. I don't have a spare wireless card to plug in but if memory serves, the wireless router has plugs for a network cable to be used. Do I just plug in a cable, fire up the new guy and hopefully W2000 will somehow sense what I want to do and provide me with a wizard to talk to my network? I have a floppy with my network security settings on it.

(2) Once I'm online and get all the updates installed, what's the best way to prepare the machine to migrate all her favorites, settings, etc. when I get to her house? Both machines have functioning floppy drives but no CD burners.

I'm guessing Windows has some wizards to help with the process but can they be trusted and if so how does one unleash them?

Thanks for looking and any forthcoming advice.