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Thread: PA Live Steamers 30 August 2008

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    Default PA Live Steamers 30 August 2008

    Photos are up from this weekends PLS event. I am not thrilled with some of these pictures but they are better than nothing. When I figure out what I did with my camera.... I won't do it again!

    Video clips probably will not be up for another week. I am finishing a University of Phoenix On Line course and have a lot to do this week to clean up my final project. When I have this one under my belt I will be eligible for my 110 endorsment on my professional teaching certificate. That will make me eligible to be a department head should the opportunity open up. My current DH was out for five months last school year following a motorcycle racing accident. Had he had the simple courtesy to have had the wreck two years ago I would have been grandfathered in before these two new courses were required. Oh well, some people have no consideration. You would think we don't get along from my moaning but if everyone got along as well as we do life would be great.

    Anyway, help with identifying locos and owners is most welcome.
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