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Thread: OT: Cable internet fragile??

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    Default OT: Cable internet fragile??

    Had Gustove near here last week,no damage,never lost power or cable tv,but the cable internet went down for nearly 5 days.Seems like normally it goes down everytime we have lightning in the area,but not for more thana few hours.

    My dialup connection on the otherhand never missed a beat,what makes cable more sensitive,fiber or other associated hardware?
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    You probably suffered a network feeder cable into your area being torn down by the storm or the internet equipment took a lightning strike... call your cable company and ask them why it was out, they should know if they fixed it. Cable is no more sensitive to storms than Telephone lines... but most cable of both types is above ground on poles(except perhaps in a neghborhood development where it is normally under the ground for asthetics)...

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    Another possibility is that your coaxial cable is nicked/punctured, and there's water getting into the dielectric when it rains.

    Check your packet loss when it's dry out, and then wait for a mildly rainy day, and do the ping test again, and see if your packet loss skyrockets.

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    Cable gets a lot of complaints. Depends on your local operator. My service for cable internet is better than other providers I've had. Not inherently any less reliable than other technologies. The phone company just tends to get things fixed faster. More staff.

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