On the larger diameter columns, multiple drive points were used. Below are pictured some of the larger columns, greater that 1 meter in diameter that used multiple drive points.

When the guide was asked about the manufacture of the columns, they could not provide any information as to how the columns were made. Iím convinced that some type of lathe was used to make the columns. What did the lathe look like? What were the tools used to turn the stone? How was the stone rough cut and then finished? To get the extremely smooth finishes on the surfaces of the columns, some form of grinding had to be used. Anyone have any information or ideas on the techniques that could have been used?

In the museums visited, we saw swords, spear points, shields and helmets, but no tools used to carve or shape the stone. Iím sure metal tools had to be used to cut the stone. The tools just didnít survive till today? Were they taken by the conquering tribes and used by them? The museum may have the tools in the back room but donít know what they are so they do not display them?