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Thread: OT: Non-Staining Dye

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    Default A "floater"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joel
    Sorry for the OT.
    We have a 4 gallon translucent plastic water/chemical tank and need to dye the contents so that the level can be more easily seen. Obviously food coloring would work, but I am guessing that the tank would soon be dyed by the dye.

    Can anyone suggest something reasonable to use that wouldn't stain the tank?


    Do you really need a dye or a stain or are you seeking to indicate the fluid level through/in a translucent container?

    If dyes or stains won't work why not use a thick and/or dark coloured floating substance that will not dissolve in thefluid in the container such that it covers the top of the fluid and abuts the walls of the container so that is can be seen through the container?

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    blackcurrant squash/cordial/syrup, stick a bottle in, works for water levels too. good rinse after but it dosent color plastics.

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