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Thread: Frustration - good new/bad news

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    Default Frustration - good new/bad news

    Good news is that I finally after all these years got my small/micro machine shop nearly tooled up with the acquisition of a sherline lathe and mill with CNC capacity for each- used and with computers. been out buying a few of the "missing parts" like a 3/8 drill chuck and getting steel to make a few tool holders to change out the tools on the 3/4-16 spindle nose.

    Add this to a 9x20 jet lathe I also got used and "throw away", a used throw away drill press I rebuilt, a small bench grinder, my kerosene heater to keep me warm and a great CAD/CAM system and I am on my way to actually making some fun stuff at home.

    Bad news is that they arrived a couple of days ago and they will sit on a pallett in my garage because of carpel tunnel and nerve release surgery for at least three more weeks. I feel like that horse with the carrot dangling right in front of his nose JUST OUT OF REACH!!!!!

    Anyway, looking forward to getting a few small micro project ideas from the board, Once again good news, this resource.

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    Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!!! Hope you're feeling better quick! What a great thing to look forward to! Best of luck Fred

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    When I was recovering from reattaching a severed leg along with multiple breaks in all extremities (among other things), I felt I needed to have a "reason to be active" (also couldn't stand to just sit), so I bought an old 66 GTO (from a horse pasture for $600 complete, the original 389 had a thrown rod) and restored it along with the prescribed physical therapy. By the time the casts were off my legs, I was ready to drive it out of my Grandfather's basement (where I stayed recuperating) with a fresh th400 (couldn't really manage a clutch for another year or so), a "mildly warmed up" 455, reworked brakes, etc. Doc couldn't believe how fast I was building up after nearly a year in a wheel chair (started the GTO before I was "officially" out of the chair). Point is, sometimes that carrot can be a good thing in cases like this, as long as it doesn't cause you to hurt yourself. OOOooh boy! Did I hurt some nights, but not serious damage, just from getting things going again. Goes without saying that knowing when to stop is important, and I didn't always have enough sense to say "when"...

    So, congrats on the new toys. Good luck and enjoy it as soon as you are able, and be careful! Recovery is always a "pain" (sorry, pun intended), but I hope you find yourself back in fighting trim soon!

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    Keep moving forward you'll get there.I got a shop full of woodworking tools I don't have time for and a home metal shop that is still waiting to be "finished" if there is such a thing.
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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