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Thread: Question For the Gun Pros?

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    I saw a article years ago,(had cut it out but cannot find it anymore) on instructions for making youre winchester 30 - 30 into a Take Down 30 - 30 I wanted to do this to my old winchester lever so when i fly in to remote spots i can tuck it away into my sleeping bag for protection. Any info? Thanx Mike

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    That's a fairly involved project, and at today's rates, it would/could easily run you more than you could purchase a factory take down version for, I am afraid.
    The barrel and receiver have to have interrupted threads cut onto and into them, a latch mechanism has to be fabricated and installed, the magazine tube has to be modified, a cut off made and installed if you want the magazine tube to remain loaded while the gun is disassembled, and all the above done so that the reliability and accuracy of the rifle are not compromised.
    Winchester and Marlin have both offered take down versions of their rifles for about 20 years now, should be easy to find one that fits your needs. That way your original one is still all original and you have a spare. You can never have to many guns!
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    Mike, over on in the projects forum, page 18, there is a write up on making a takedown out of a Marlin levergun. You might get some ideas that would help from that.

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    I've built a couple over the years, Still have one; a two barrel set, 30 inch rifle barrel, and a 16 inch carbine barrel. Not all that difficult, esp if you dont use interrupted threads I think the NRA Gunsmithing Projects book has the process.

    Mike Hunter
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    There's a chapter on doing this in the book"The NRA Gunsmithing Guide-Updated" ISBN D-935998-47-0.
    Good luck with it! It sounds like an interesting project.
    Rick W

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