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Thread: Sheldon many versions were there?

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    Default Sheldon many versions were there?

    I have come across a shaper who I am trying to determine its brand.

    It is green, seems to be a 11-12" shaper and looks alot like a Sheldon shaper I have seen in the past.

    Could someone cover and hopefully post the different versions of the Sheldon/Vernon shapers that were produced?


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    Try the link I posted It should help


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    Quote Originally Posted by AllanR
    Try the link I posted It should help

    Thanks for the response.

    The shaper I am looking at is similar but again different.

    The right hand side of the shaper has a round dial towards the rear that allows one to switch speeds.

    It also does not have the belt cover on the right rear.

    The drive system is totally contained within the shaper and its base.

    Did you know that Sheldon also made a 11" version?

    It is shown in the pictures section of the Shapers Yahoo group.


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