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Thread: Black & Decker / Fire Storm DC Drill

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    Default Black & Decker / Fire Storm DC Drill

    In reading the recent thread about cordless drill motors, a couple of folks mentioned they had dead batteries for their drills.

    I have a different problem. The transformer died. I bought a replacement transformer yesterday and it released the 'secret smoke'. Damn stinky too.

    The transformer was the same voltage. So much for the surplus electronic store.

    I need one that someone no longer needs.

    Thanks for reading.


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    If you go to the B & D web site you will find that there was a recall on some of the Firestorm products because of faults in the batter/charger system, no use to us now though.

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    Depending on the voltage and mounting type they may intefchangable with Dewalts. The batteries for my 14.4 Dewalt are pretty much dead and the step-sons 14.4 B&Ds fit
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