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Thread: Kid can't touch the ground :Simi-OT:

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    Default Kid can't touch the ground :Simi-OT:

    Here meet Tim my son - who recently purchased an Old 77 Iron Head Sporty to bop around town on. Only problem was his feet couldn't touch the ground very well when he was sitting on it.

    And here is my other son - helping me add a "Hard-Tail" conversion kit that lowers the frame 4" and stretches the wheel base 4"

    Had to make a new axel, a couple of spacers, chain tensioners, and a couple other odds and ends that would have broke the piggy bank for the poor kid but was able to do it out of stock I already had on hand>

    Tim was pretty happy about the way it was coming out

    So he added a "Tractor Seat" to it, I re-wired most of the bike and after adding a longer chain and rear brake cable it came out looking some thing like this

    Kinda "Old School" - wouldn't you say

    Either way the machine shop still is the best way to get my sons to come visit and hang out with Dad
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    Way to go Dad!
    Can't beat that kind of quality time and nice job too. Look forward to it myself every time the little guy comes for a visit at the shop.

    Cheers, Bob

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    Nice looking bike! Now what about raking and lengthening forks....

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