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    Default Omni-post pics

    A fellow from over on PM asked for some pics of my Omni-post setup and I thought I would post them over here being that the Omni-post is a decidedly home shop targeted product. This is not to say that I don't have a high regard for the product or its quality, it is tops in my book. Links to pics, NOT dial up frieldly

    In this first shot you see the cut off tool holder. For size, the post is 1.5" diameter steel, my center height is 1.5" off of the compound. You can also clearly see the indexed washer it sits on, the large set screw you use to adjust height has a sharp point that indexes in this washer.
    James Kilroy

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    that is a pretty novel idea. i never saw one of those before. it looks like it would be easier to make one of them in your home shop instead of cutting dovetails like a regular quick-change toolpost.

    andy b.

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    The OMNI-POST is an excellent set up and additional tool holders are easy to make for it.
    Their website is

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