Hey fellow metal heads:

We're going to be taking another cross-country trip and I'm looking for spots that would be on your must see list. While there are at least 10,000 places to see between here and there, in order to keep this thread within some sort of limit, how about we keep this to just your "Must See" or "Really, Really Worthwhile" lists?

Our trip will begin the middle of September in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and will head east with no specific agenda or route except to end up in New England somewhere by about the second week of October to see the fall colors.

We will stop at Greenfield Village to see the steam engines and machinery there and may or may not, depending on the colors of the leaves when we get there, end up at the Mt. Washington cog railway.

My wife canít tolerate motorcycles and hot rods, so those are out. Weíre mostly interested in historical stuff. Machine museums (or cool old working shops that would welcome visitors), railroads (museums or working), antique auto collections, farm museums, or anything connected with industrial archaeology could be part of the agenda. And if there are any stationary steam plants that are open to visitors, that would be cool, too, as could anything similar along the way.

My wife wants to see both the Dakotas but I don't know that we'll have time to touch both states. After Greenfield Village, we probably go south of the lake to Buffalo. I've taken the route through Canada before and while no offense to our northern brethren, that stretch is a real head banger. So we'll more than likely go south around the lakes.

We like to avoid the interstates; the more obscure the road, the better I like it. We'll be in our truck camper so finding lodging isn't an issue. But a sneak into a big city for something worthwhile is certainly OK. Perhaps there are some steam boats on one of the lakes that would still be running at the end of Sept. or early Oct.

After we're done in New England, we'll have about two weeks to scoot homeward toward Central California on a more central route depending on the weather. (I don't like snow.) We need to be back by the first of November. We'll not go south of a line roughly through Missouri, Kansas and Colorado unless forced farther south by early snow (We've been the old Route 66 and its equivalents a number of times.). We've seen lots of railroad stuff in Colorado, so we'll probably have to pass that by this time. Anyway, my sweetheart is a great traveler and tolerant of my addicitons, but also a bit of a stable horse when pointed homeward so I don't think there will be much stopping after Kansas. More than likely, we'll take US 50 from Grand Junction to Reno. (I just love that road... you really know what the pioneers saw when they made the trek west. If you ever go that way, be sure to stop at the ruins of the Pony Express station. Turn off the motor and listen to the silence.) But the railroad in Ely will probably have to be a separate trip. Getting my honey to spend two days there at that point in the trip is not going to happen.

And if you have other suggestions that would not fit into these categories, letís hear it.
Perhaps our paths will cross along the way! THANKS!!