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    I am looking for examples, plans and pictures of what implementations others have done in the way of "closet shops".

    In the past, it was a popular subject with many people living in apartments or rental property.

    Thanks for what info you can provide.


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    My shop has long since come out of the closet....

    But when it was...

    When I first moved from home I bought a Grizz 7x12 mini lathe. Did many, many mods to it to get it somewhat usable. This set on top of my dresser. On the wall behind I had a tap and drill poster that kept me from getting an oil stripe along the wall.

    On my old computer desk I has one of the little harbor freight $35 drill presses. Worked pretty well.

    I eventually bought a HF micro mill (What an god-awful piece of crap) that I turned cnc (Made it almost usable).

    Chips were not much of a problem. Always vacuumed after I was finished. I also had one of the circulating window fans in the window that kept the smoke from cutting oil down.

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