Hi. Well.. I guess I have not found the answer I wanted to hear?

What kind of capacitors stand up well to the edm discharge. I have two industrial welders here in bits and pieces. Two transformers I can get 48 volts x 100amps from.. center tapped, with a triac in the middle..

The lil lcd and basic stamp is the controls I did six or so months back.. but.. what kind of capacitors are best? Electrolytic is what they use in the "kit" plans sold by HSM..

I need a bolt burner in the worst way here. Also, to go into the spindle hole on the cnc. A simple bolt burner can be just a vibrating pen a brass rod and a welder.. reverse polarity..

I have talked to several people with factory edm's they have mineral oil-wound capacitor banks. I did that once in a tesla coil.. in a five gallon bucket.. so the explosion would be contained.. I used to travel and replace electrolytic capacitors in the 4 way motor valves.. seemed the plc reset the output every six scans.. turned them on and off till they blew..

Anybody got a part number or "type" of capacitor that can stand up to the heating of continous charge-discharge?