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Thread: R8 spindle collet drive pin--need advice

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    don't do what i did with the set screw pin that's present on my china dovetail column benchtop mill. i once had my spindle torn apart and removed, then reinserted the pin. i had one set of import R8 collets from enco at the time and i assumed that i could set the pin depth off the groove depth on those collets.

    then i upgraded to a jacobs chuck with good quality US-made R8 arbor. they didn't mill the keyway for the pin as deep as the chinese guys did, which meant the damn thing wouldn't fit into the spindle without me either jamming a file or grinder up there and knocking the end off or tearing the spindle apart again to loosen the dual jam nuts on the opposite side of the spindle wall so i could adjust the set screw pin itself...

    come december, that jacobs chuck/arbor will have been sitting in my toolbox for 2 years now...

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    Thank you, all, for your advice. I now know that pin or no pin, it's nothing to worry about.

    When I discovered it was missing it didn't seem worth losing any sleep over it; but, while checking out the Kurt power drawbar the instruction manual warned that the pin must be in place. It was at that point where it seemed prudent to discuss the matter, here.

    Best regards,

    So many projects. So little time.

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