I've been sorting through the tooling that came with my Myford MG12. Quite a lof of it clearly doesn't belong to the machine, or to the J&S 540 that shared a room with it. Mny of the grinding wheels are clearly for a tool and cutter grinder and can be made usefull on the Clarkson. They presumably went with the machine that used the following tooling (big picture).


Does anyone know what machine they're from?

I've got a good selection of quills for the MG12 internal spindles, but I've got at least as many with a smaller taper and a couple with a bigger taper, so I don't know what they were used with. Some of the Myford tooling doesn't fit my swivel workhead, but that's beacuse the dealer held the fixed head back. Now that he know's the situation, he's said I'm welcome to the fixed head as well.