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    Default Break Free CLP

    I have been using this on my guns and in the shop for several years and like it. Went to buy some more and the can lable is a little different and is now Winchester. Did winchester buy them out or are they trying to confuse the buyer into buying a different product?

    I also have been using Rem Oil from Remington for firearm lubrication. With the Teflon in it it has worked very good in that application.

    Has anyone compared Rem Oil and Break Free?
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    I use both, but I use Break Free for both cleaning and lube/protect. RemOil is mainly for lube and protection. Both seem to work well, and in fact they are the main lube products I use in smokeless firearms.

    As far as I have ever heard there is only one Break Free, but it wouldn't surprise me if Winchester bought them.

    Yup, a quick search found this...

    andy b.
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