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Thread: Another future Darwin award winner....

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    Default Another future Darwin award winner....

    Some guys just don't get it.

    I decided to put in a permanent shop heater and put up the kerosene one on Craig's list for free. I just wanted to get rid of it. It's the wick type that looks like a top hat and sits on the floor.

    So this not-too-bright looking guy shows up and we drop it into his trunk and I reminded him not to use it inside the house, that it must have ventilation. He says that he wants it to warm up his garage while he paints his car. I looked at him and said, "This is an open flame heater, and you're going to be using paint thinners and stuff in there. Not a good idea."

    So he looks back and says, "Yeah. Oh. Well, I'll just use it for parties, then."

    After he leaves, my wife says, "He'll do it anyway."

    I'll keep my eyes open for a bright flash on the horizon.

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    You should have also told him it is only for kerosene and not gasoline. He has probably already blown himself up.

    andy b.
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    ANY damn space heater can be dangerous. In any condition, most are not real high quality.

    My MR HEAT propane heater near burned down my shop. I had burns getting it outside. It broke the lil brass casting right above the tank valve and below the control-thermocouple valve.. it was a torch till the tank emptied. When it blew over on it's side, it was a liquid propane torch.

    ANY HEAT is dangerous. I can still remember awaking in the 70s when a teddy bear was propped up against a 120 volt bathroom heater.. the choking foam smoke.

    and.. yes.. if you shut the heat off, or pull it outside after warming up the shop, you can paint.. but.. then the fumes are locked in with you.. Most painters don't live to be real old.. THE HOK paint brand I use, ONE TIME without a respirator is enough.. it paints your lungs just like the product. You can be skin poisoned also. Leading some people to say.. AMATUERS SHOULD NOT PAINT.

    I will paint, spray, powdercoat my junk cause I am cheap thou.. I can still breathe, of course I am scared. I was chlorine gassed a few times and know what it is like to not be able to breathe. BLOWED UP? I have not experienced that yet.. I keep tinkering with old junk cars thou..

    THE lil CRX had a leaking "return fuel line to the tank"... rotten.. spraying on the header.. white smoke, no explosion.. I was lucky.
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    Petrol/Gasoline is quite reluctant to ignite without a spark.

    Try it with DOT 4 brake fluid, that WILL ignite on a hot enough manifold.

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