I'm in Oslo, for a lutefisk Christmas with my brother and his family. Today I toured the Technical Museum, which has a good range of exhibits, including several vintage cars. I asked the attendent if I could see the Troll, the only car manufactured in Norway, but it had been taken off display. There was a therumin available for playing, so I tried making the eerie sounds from those 1950s B-grade sci-fi movies.

In terms of technology, Norway leads the world in many things for the home. I'm impressed with the toilet seats in my brother's new bathroom. The hinges incorporate dampers, so when a man is through, he merely flicks the seat and lid with a finger, and it floats down to a soft landing without making any noise. There is no excuse for leaving the toilet seat up in this country.

Can you buy these in North America too? -- if not, it might make a good HSM project if you want to get in some points with the ladies in the house.