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Thread: Using Unimat SL as a tool post grinder

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    Quote Originally Posted by dian
    i coudnt resist to exhume this.

    "I have done this. Here is my Unimat on my SB grinding an internal taper."

    paul, are you really using a drill chuck for grinding it? looks like the 0.3 mm runnout variety. did you somehow grind it in or did you dress away most of the wheel?
    Wow, quite an old thread that was drawn up.

    Yes, I really did use a drill chuck, I didn't have a collet holder and was making one in the photo. So I used what I had, the drill chuck. If I recall correctly, I did dress the wheel after it was mounted. It worked and I now have a collet holder for my Uni.

    If you think that's bad, you should try holding a milling cutter in a three jaw. Sometimes you do what you have to do to make the cut.
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    in a post from 2007 i see you used a diamond burr in the drill chuck. now im really surprised. you didnt dress it, did you? how come it worked? that chuck must be a real treasure.

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