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Thread: Just got a killer deal on a bench mill

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    Default Just got a killer deal on a bench mill

    I couldn't pass this up. I got it for $325. Although it was bought in 1996, I can see only the most minor whitness marks on the parts that it has ever been used before it was disassembled. The base looks brand new.

    The guy selling it bought it at an estate sale from an older machinist that was clearing out a full workshop of machine tools to move to Florida.
    It has a 2HP three phase motor on it. Only a dusting wipe-able surface rust. It's a China machine, but for $325, I had to get it. The only think I could see missing was the pulley cover.
    This is the unit as advertised.

    Here it is in a form condusive to sneaking it into the house...
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