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Thread: Help with Carrol Jamieson Lathe

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    Default Help with Carrol Jamieson Lathe

    My dad (tool &die maker,master machinest old school) and I were given a Carrol Jamieson lathe, Gear head 16"X60" #63341.
    The lathe was only used to cut steam valve stems from the day it was new till sometime in the 60's. Dad used it for one year till he passed away last Sep. I need a manual to oil, clean and run it properly.
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Google Tony Griffiths Engineering in the UK. He has a huge number of old manuals that he does an excellent job of re printing and binding. They aren't cheap,but I am certain you can get the manual you need,as that is not an uncommon brand of lathe. I know Tony,and have visited him. He will be very helpful.

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    The manual list on Tony's site is at

    MC55 CARROLL-JAMIESON Master Model GH Engine Lathe: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Parts List as Photographs. 35

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