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Thread: Help with posting photos

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    Default Help with posting photos

    I know there are probable 300 guys who read the instructions on how to post photos on this BB, so it can't be that difficult. But, Either I am having a very bad week or I'm just dense. Is there additional discussion on how to post photos? I have tried and tried but It's just not working for me. Can someone point me in the right direction? I need help. I have photos on Phtobucket, but thats as far as I can get.

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    Try this

    If you need more help, let us know.
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    Hover your cursor on the photo you want from photobucket. A drop-down menu will appear.

    At the bottom of that menu will be the IMG CODE. Place your cursor inside the box and left click. The code will be highlighted, and it may be copied automatically. A little box will appear that says"copied".

    If that doesn't happen, press the Control and C keys on your keyboard. The img code will now be on your notepad.

    Come back to this forum, and put your cursor where you want the image in your posting. Press the Control and V keys on your keyboard. The img code from the notepad will be added to the posting.

    That's the way it works.

    It helps to have two tabs open in your browser when you do this, so you can move from photobucket to this site and back easily.
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    Winchman has it described beautifully --- (good job!!)

    Once you get it you'll probably be like me and say "DOH" -- it really is easy,--- and we do like pics here on the forum
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