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    Well, I posted over at Practical Machinist and got nothin. So I'll try it here.

    I just purchased a Barker Model AM Production Mill. Pretty stout machine. I haven't had a chance to do much of anything to it yet, it's still in pieces in the garage....that's how I got it loaded in my car at HGR industrial surplus. I feel I got it for a song (though out of tune)...only $200, and all of the flaking is still evident on all of the ways.

    This thing has a 2 hP motor, from the factory. Pretty damn powerful.

    I'm just curious if anyone knows how much of that horsepower I will actually be able to use. My VN #12 has a 2 hP motor...and is considerably larger. The barker weighs in, per barkers website at around 450 lbs, which isn't big, but it isn't small either. Considerably larger than the PM model that they have (with a 1/3 hp motor).

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience on this machine.

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    I looked at buying a used one a couple of years ago for a job that I was doing and they are impressive little machines. Barker is still in business ( ) and provides good support. Most of the ones that I have seen are setup as 2nd op machines with a lever operated table instead of leadscrew driven. If you have any questions, I would give Barker a call, when I talked to them they left a good impression.

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    I had one in totally mint condition - almost literally "never been used" so its motor would certainly be original and it was indeed a 1/3 hp GE (looked like it came out of a washing machine)

    Even after modifying all three axes to ball crank handles I couldnt find anything to to use it on, so I sold it on ebay for $450 with several bidders wanting it --- go figure...

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