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    Default Favorite Threads

    Shop Made Tools Hundreds of great ideas from our members.

    Has Anyone Made an EDM Long-running discussion on homemade EDMs.

    Deep Hole Drilling 101 The title pretty much says it all.

    Involute Shaft Using a button cutter to cut an involute spline.

    Sine Bars Most everything you would want to know about sine bars and their use.

    Acetal Machine Nuts Making leadscrew nuts the easy way.

    Compressed Air Distribution Materials and layouts info for shop air systems.

    Workholding in a Different Light A resourceful way to get the job done.

    Tramming a Mill A wide ranging discussion on tramming a mill.

    Gears, Gears, and More Gears A discussion of Art Fenerty's "Gearotic Motion" software.

    Rust Resistant Surface Treatments Various surface finishing methods.

    Let's Parkerize Something! Great description of DIY parkerizing.

    Setting Compound Angles

    Bridgeport Rebuild Book Be sure to read the copyright information.

    Torque Diagrams for Single and Three Phase Motors

    Homemade Belt Sander

    What Did You do Today? Interesting posts from our talented (and busy!) board members.

    What Did You Machine Today? Another long running thread, getting a little more specific...

    Jokes and Stories Some good ones in here.

    Buying and Using Servos

    Churchill Grinder Restoration - A great restoration project of a very interesting machine.

    Brian Builds an Atkinson Engine Another detailed build thread from Brian.

    Expanding Foam Drawer Liner

    Boiler Clock Project A unique project by a very talented member.

    Heat Treat Oven Build

    Case Hardening

    Modified Spindex A very nice modification of the ubiquitous "Spindex" indexer.


    The Geneva Hours Clock Discussion with the author of the clock project that ran in Digital Machinist magazine.

    Setting Up and Running 4-cycle Engines How to get that model engine up and running.

    Engineering Calculators A calculator for just about any situation.

    Making a Valve for Model IC Engines An excellent write-up by our resident model IC engine guru, Brian Rupnow.

    3D Printing Superthread! The place for questions and answers regarding 3D printing.
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