This was a two year project for me. Mostly because I don't have time to work on my own guns. So I'd do what I could when I had the time. I guess that's the good thing about being a manufacturing engineer, I plan processes out to the nth degree for a living, so with this one I could pick it up anytime and know exactly what was next. I'm a bit a nit when it comes to processing parts.

The barrel started as a 19" x 1.25 O.D. Anschutz rifle blank. Which was nipped off to around 8 3/4". The goal was to finish up at 8 1/4".

Set up in a four jaw, faced and 60 degree centers bored in.

It was then turned between centers and threaded, leaving the breech end long for the feed ramp.

The above image was the one posted in Thread Wires In Captivity. And when JCH commented on my unique octagon to round (latter pics) I thought I'd share this project on the gunsmithing board.

A test fit. Torque up and mill in the flats at BDC so the barreled assembly will fit the frame. These flats at BDC set the radial timing for ALL cuts to come.