Got an emailing from Village Press yesterday regarding the talented Rudy Kouhoupt's work. He left the world with the quality bar very high, and his engines will mesmerize for generations.

One unexpected benefit of this recognition was a link to a YouTube video showing several of Rudy's engines running on air pressure. There was on that same page a treasure trove of links to a huge number of videos showing Rudy at work. Well worth the hours I spent watching them - I ran out of time before I ran out of videos! I still don't know how it is that I've not already seen most of these videos, but it's good to have a new search target to use.

Here's the trail head link:

And I've made this additional observation - I've gotten several emailings this past year from HSM and VP, and I can honestly say I've gotten something from each of them, which is actually rather rare for bulk mailings. Clearly a good deal of thought goes into them.