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    Default Demagnetizing

    I use several of those little super magnets around my shop to hold chuck keys, center drills and other often used bits. I have one on each machine, drill press, mill and lathe. I'm starting to get swarf sticking to things. I guess it's time to "demagnetize" a few things.
    What type demagnetizer do you guys use.. I saw one that is cordless on Enco for about $5 would that be sufficient?
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    I don't think you can ever demagnetize a tool completely. Believe me I've tried various degaussers and what not.

    My Dad use to get on me all the time for magnetizing his tools. I use to the think it was convenient, but later I learned what a pain it is to have your screwdrivers sticking to everything.

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    Get yourself an electric demagnetizer.
    They work great.
    It vibrates & humms, and you drag your tool across the top of it.
    For delicate tools, place a rag between the demagnetizer and your tool.
    Only $40.

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    Default Demagnetizer

    That's what I have. It works as well as the real expensive ones.

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    Remember to draw the tool away from the device while it's activated till you get about 2 feet or more away and do it slowly.
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    Default The field coil for an AC motor

    I've made a couple of degausers by taking the rotor out of an AC motor. You just plug in the motor, insert the tool into the center cavity and slowly pull the tool away. I had a cheap Chinese fan with a squirrel cage motr that worked well for degaussing my computer monitor just by holding the running fan close to the monitor. AC solenoil coils also work well.

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    Cut the top off of the core of any good sized power transformer that is intended to run on 120ac. Take care not to damage the windings. Tape off the secondary wires so the aren't connected to anything. Use it by connecting it to an extension cord with a foot switch. Turn it on and bring the item close to the top of the core and then draw it gradually away. Turn off the xformer. Do not run it more than about ten seconds at a time once per minute or it will overheat.

    It will completely demagnetize just about anything that is smaller than the transformer in weight.
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