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Thread: Selecting a propane torch

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    Default Selecting a propane torch

    I am in search of some information and advice. I need to get a good high-BTU propane torch for silver soldering. My hand-held canister types are too small, so I've made-do by courting oxy-acetylene disaster. It's just too hot.

    1) Does anyone know of a Sievert dealer in the USA? I'd buy Sievert equipment if convenient.

    2) My second choice would be Goss. Does anyone use Goss equipment? If so, what does your kit consist of? Goss offers a bewildering array of choices.

    a) What would be preferable, Goss threaded handles and tips; or
    Goss snap-in handles and tips?

    b) What would be preferable, pencil-type tips or "brush" tips. The
    Goss brush tips bear a close resemblance to some of the Sieverts
    that I've seen. I realize pencil tips focus the heat better; but, I don't
    want to cope with a high velocity flame that blows flux and solder
    all over the place. I suspect that it will boil down to using brush tips
    for pre-heating and pencil tips for the actual soldering.

    3) An on-line source mentioned Victor Turbo Torches; but, I'm finding their Web site less friendly than Goss's. So, I've not been able to get much information about their equipment.

    4) Does anyone have any more information or advice to give?

    I'll be posting this on the General forum, too.

    Thank you.

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    contact these guys and see who the dealers are in your area. They will know.

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    First if you like the torch that goes on the canisters you can purchase a tank hose with the canister thread that the torch will attach directly to.

    A good quality small Ox/Act. torch would be my choice for silver soldering. Having the right size torch and tip is important. Most are really sized for gas welding/brazing and are not very well suited to soldering. I prefer propane or Air/Act. for soft solder so I am not trying to change your thinking if you know what you want.

    There was a good article in a recent HSM magazine on gas welding etc.
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    MAPP gas or the current replacement would give you more heat than propane and less than oxy-acetylene. On the other hand there are micro torches for O/A that also might do what you need.
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    I'd second the advice about using a small torch and small tips with oxy-acetylene. In my experience, propane is too slow for hard silver soldering.

    Another alternative is air-acetylene. Hotter than propane, but still best used IMO for smaller silver soldering jobs -- which may be what you're after?

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    Air-acet is what most of the refrigeration guys seem to use. And they use that sil-phos rod which I just cannot get to work right.

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