Today, when I read a recent post by Byron Boucher regarding drawings of projects an old question came to mind. Currently, I use pencil, paper, ruler & template to make drawings of the simple projects I undertake. While I am amazed at the incredible displays produced by many here with 3D Cad programs and even 2D programs I must admit that I am either too lazy or too computer illiterate to learn the intricacies of these terrific tools. So, with that in mind can anyone suggest a simple, low cost, easy to use computer program that can be used in place of my current old school sketch methods. Basically I just want to be able to draw simple shapes and include dimensions so when I take the drawing to the shop I can work from it. The goal would be to have a neater drawing that I currently use with the ability to store it digitally and have it take no more time than I currently spend to draw using my old school methods. I have attempted to use the Paint program included with Windows but find it extremely lacking for what I have in mind.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!