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Thread: Shop Secutity - Revisited

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    Some jurisdictions require immediate access to the outside breaker box so firefighters can shut down the power upon arrival at a house blaze.

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    When I was a kid, I made stop-action animated films. My dad would bring home a 16mm movie camera, from the R&D plant he managed, for me to use. One time he brought it home, and there was already partially exposed film in it. Turned out one of the (paranoid) researchers was convinced people were stealing his supplies, so he had set up a light sensitive switch to film anyone coming in to his lab after hours. When we developed the film, there were a few scenes of a janitor coming in and cleaning, then one of my dad walking up to the camera, reaching around it, then dark. When we watched it, my dad just said "He wasn't supposed to be using it anyway."

    I just like to make stuff.

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