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Thread: DRO Mounted :)

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    Default DRO Mounted :)

    Finally got my Sino Dro mounted on my Sq. Column Mill. I bought it two years ago but never got around to it. (Babies take a lot of time for some reason). Anyway took a lot longer then I thought and ran into every problem imaginable broken tap, stripped threads, alignment problems.

    Also, I took the x-axis power feed off and on so many times the adapter plate is breaking. That's Ok I have a spare, woops I cut the bracket I need to mount the scale out of that. (Of course I thought at the time I will NEVER need ti use this!) I just saw the replacement cost is $28.

    Oh well at least the DRO is on and seems to be accurate


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    I recall last year when I mounted a two axis Mitutoyo DRO on my Webb Mill. Fortunately, it had two holes drilled by the previous owners for mounting a scale on the knee. I used those holes to mount the Y scale and that went OK.

    The X-axis, however, was a different story. It needed two 6 X 1.0 mm holes about 12 mm deep to hold the ends of the scale. It also needed two 4 X .07 mm threaded holes in the center to support the scale since it's 44" long.

    I approached the problem carefully since I was terrified that I'd get the holes in the wrong place and/or break a tap. Some consultation with my professional machinist friend led me to purchase some two-fluted spiral taps. He told me they are much stronger and will do cast iron nicely. He was right.

    I aligned the X scale very carefully with two vintage Starrett depth micrometers that I have and then used drill bushings to get the holes straight when I drilled them. I always use tape around a drill to check for depth. It seems to work.

    The result was a perfect job with nothing broken. It took me three days, however. LOL. Phew, I'm sure glad that's over.

    It's amazing the help you can get from an experienced machinist friend. I can't even count all of the tips he's given me. He does CNC on a Mazak lathe and also some brand of 20 tool CNC mill but he's an old hand on Bridgeports. He helped me to find my mill and even helped me to bring it home.

    If you need some help, it pays to ask. That's the value of this site, too.

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