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Thread: DRO on a SB 9 or 10K.

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    Default DRO on a SB 9 or 10K.

    Have any of you installed a DRO on a 9" or 10K South Bend lathe? I just put a DRO on my Jet 1340 and thought I would like to put one on my SB 10K but the cross slide doesn't have much space to install a scale plus the gib adjusting screws need to be accessed. If you have done this I would love to see some pictures.

    Thanks Mike

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    Mike, maybe ask on the PM Southbend forum here...



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    Did it on my 11" Logan, had similar issues. Use spacers to locate the X axis scale 1/2" or so from the right hand edge of the cross slide. Replace the gib adjusting screws with Allen screws, then grind down the appropriate allen wrench so it will fit the screws. Same for the screw that secures the compound. It worked for me. Be sure to use real made in USA Allen brand wrench, especially for the compound. You don't want to use a Chinese pos made of recycled beer cans. Those will fail and just slip at the wrong time. Good luck!


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    If you have a taper attachment, its a piece of cake.
    My Boxford has a Southbend Cross slide ( Boxford is English improved version of SB) which I added years ago. Then I mounted a Shooting Star DRO on the lathe
    You mount a piece of Starrett ground stock on top of the cross slide.
    Since the top of the crosslide is parrallel to the ways, that vertical axis is automatic.
    Then you clamp the stock and indicate it to gain the other axis by setting a mag based dial indicator on the ways and moving the slide in and out.
    When alligned, the stock is pinned to the slide, and then fastened with screws.
    The ground stock is now perfectly alligned and also out of the way of the tailstock, and the slide adjusting screws !
    The allignment makes placing the scale a snap, as the edges are plumb
    go here to see photos

    Click on the 3 photos for the Boxford Lathe


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