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Thread: Clamp set for 4 inch RT

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    Question Clamp set for 4 inch RT

    I have a LMS Model 1627 4" R/T, what size clamp set goes with this table? I see the 6mm and 8 mm set of the LMS website, but also see that 1/4" stuff would fit also,

    Anyone have any idea? I may just make my own, but I thought I would ask first.


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    Harbor Freight sell a set of 6mm studs with stepped angle blocks and clamp for about $8.00, get 2 set, there are only 2 studsbblocks and clamps per set.

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    I like the Sherline clamp set (part #3013, I believe) which came with my milling machine. The T-nuts are 3/8" square x 1/4" high, and the screws are 10-32.

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    good morning.

    for what it's worth, i made some 1/4" t-nuts for my 6" r/t. ordered some 1/4" studs from somewhere. worked good. problem is that a 6" r/t is too small for most of what i do.

    i think maybe it took an hour to make the t-nuts. you could also use some carriage bolts with the heads ground to fit t slots.

    don't know if this helps, but it was a fast and cheap way to do it.

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    I checked with the LMS and this RT takes the 6mm set, which dnsbss was right get two sets. One set doesn't have enough to do many things. Right now I am using 6 mm allen head bolts to work as studs and milled some brass to be clamps.

    thanks and Happy Holidays,


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