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Thread: OT: Feline Heart Attack

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    Default OT: Feline Heart Attack

    Just found out the hard way that cats... can have massive heart-attacks and die just like people.

    Cat was two years old. I have two of them from the same litter... Got them from a breeder, they are spoiled rotten indoor cats.

    Not like Ms Shop Cat who patrols the factory at night. No idea what kind she is, she's a semi-wild cat I acquired from a farmer.

    Wow. It's just a dumb cat but this has really ruined my night. Pets aren't supposed to fall over dead like that.
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    So sorry to hear that.

    Two years is plenty of time to grow attached. Ours live 15 to 20 years, and losing them is like losing family.


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    that sucks, sorry to hear. I hold my 2 cats in higher regard than many people I know (think politicians, etc)
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    I had a cat that suffered a disk herniation ...


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    Dogs have gods.

    Cats have staff.

    A friend of mine that lives in the this valley is a Psychiatrist. When one of her pets died she had it stuffed and mounted in a very life like pose. I think she is nuts.
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    When one of her pets died she had it stuffed and mounted in a very life like pose.
    Shades of Roy Rogers!

    Whenever I hear of the passing of a pet, I'm reminded of The Twilight Zone's "The Hunt".

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    Default The vet is not always right.

    Please accept my sympathy for your loss. Loosing a furry friend is a sad occasion. Our older cat came to us as a tiny kitten about 16 yrs ago, a neighbour.s son had stopped his moron friends from throwing the runt of a litter out of a car window and brought it home, but the cat and dog there were trying to treat it as a toy , my neighbour brought it to us for the night!!!and so I spent a Sunday night feeding this tiny kitten with an eye dropper. A well qualified vet told us that the kitten was unlikely to survive long as she has a heart murmur, and wanted us to embark on expensive life long treatment. We decided to let nature take its course.16 yrs later we still have our " Lucky kitten" She seemed in decline a couple of years ago and we rescued a beautiful ginger cat to keep her company and she seems to heve recovered her zest for life. Every day is a bonus for all of us. regards David Powell.

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    Very sorry for your loss. I am very attached to one of our 3 cats, a young tom who is very smart and curious, and who showers with me daily. I would grieve deeply if he passed before his time.

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    Really sorry to hear of your loss Liger, After some years kitties become part of the family & give a lot of love, I hold my cat in the same respect as my very best buddies. Cats are loyal and never do you down.


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    Default Cats

    We have 2 cats and a dog that are family members. It will be really hard on us to lose any of them. I am reminded of this though. An elderly lady had 2 poodles, a male and a female. That was the only family she had left. One day they were chasing around in the yard and ran out in the street and both were run over by a car. She couldn't bear to be without them so she took them to a taxidermist. After explaining the situation, he asked "So you want them mounted?" She said "No - holding hands will be fine."

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