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    Question Treadmill Motors

    I have aquired a 2HP treadmill motor similar to the ones sold by the Surplus Center. Has anyone tried to use one of these motors to power a small engine lathe? I have an Atlas 10" and would like to run it with one of these motors.

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    I have an Atlas 10" lathe that ran fine on a standard 1/3 HP "washing machine" motor. I recently converted it to a 1 hp motor wired for 220V and rigged to be reversible. The 1/3 hp ran the machine just fine and did anything I asked of it. I imagine the 2HP you got will be just dandy.

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    see July/August 2001 hsm

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    Nathan: Hook up that motor, the sooner the better. Mine has been cooking on my 11x36 "Star" lathe for four years now. And on the drill press, two small milling machines,and another small lathe. The fitting I made of the motor to the larger lathe is a real boge job, and has a 4l v-belt leaning into one of the shoulders of the old flat-belt drive cone. Still enough power gets transfered to take a good cut in hot rolled stuff. And welcome to the poor man's vari-speed drive club. The secret handshake is a clockwise twist of thumb and forefinger, as you effortlessly shift the rpm up a rev or two by twisting a rheostat. Its not goodbye to all belt sheaves though: I've got mine geared down via countershaft about 8 to 1.

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