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    Ok, now that the new year is here, time to stop being lazy and get back to the things that I enjoy.

    This x-mass I got a few cool things. Set of boring bars, music and a book on deep drilling (Lindsay). But, the wife put an interesting gift in my stocking. It is called a cracker. It looks like a tube of colored heavy paper twisted in 2 places like 3 sausage links. It is an English (so said the package) gift that when pulled apart sounds like the crackling of wood in the fire. Inside was a little toy, paper hat and a riddle / joke. Well, I got the cool gift. My toy was a small puzzle of a bowling pin. Remove one of the parts and it breaks into multiple parts. Now if I only had time to make such a thing out of brass.
    First shot is "front" second is "back" and third is "exploded".

    There, I think that works.

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    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.

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    I found something like that a while back (in one of them gumball machines). It's much more simple (a cube), comes apart in 6 pcs, sure looks like a fun project to build. Staring at the thing for a half hour trying to figure out how to put it together was less than thrilling though.

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    Remember the Rubik cube?

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    You mean these?

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