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Thread: Utica CH150 torque wrench

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    Default Utica CH150 torque wrench

    Just bought one on ebay like new $20. I came with no head(the snap in part the socket goes on). Does anyone know where I can get one reasonable? I can make one but I thought I'd ask you guys first. Thanks in advance.

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    A replacement head could easily cost two to three times what you paid for the wrench. Not all that hard to make, though, cutting the head off of a cheap ratchet and turning it to fit the body wouldn't be a problem.

    I used to have a torque wrench in my hand at least ten times a day when I was working, and, yes, I own 8 of them in various sizes and styles.

    $20 is pretty cheap for a torque wrench, but it should be accurate enough for the home hobby mechanic. The last torque wrench I bought before retiring was from Snap-on, and it's electronic. Cost me $375, but what I got with it more than justifies the cost....a certificate of accuracy.
    None of my torque wrenches have interchangeable heads like the Utica, but in 45 years I've never needed such a feature.

    Having interchangeable heads on a torque wrench would indicate to me that it was designed to be used in an industrial application, where the same size bolt or nut get tightened, all day long.
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