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I will definitely try doing the entire thread on the lathe. In earlier experiments, I used silver steel only and the threads were awful. But with ST37 it might work out just fine.

Hmm, I see what you're saying... Re-make the piece that resides in the levelling pad and then use off the shelf threaded rod.

I would have to make the dark blue part at the center of the pad. The thing is, this will still require cutting threads (inner thread this time) that will fit the off-the-shelf threaded rod.
Nah, you could just make entirely new pads. Or weld flat washers onto the tip of your rod and rest em ontop of the pads.

Oh, I forgot one small detail.
When I made my pads, what I did was put a nut, then flat washer, the threaded rod was retracted about 1~2 turns below 'flush' with the nut, with the washer just totaly floating on the nut, I then filled the gap with mig weld and ground flat. I found if I did'nt put the threaded rod below the nut, the nut would'nt get welded at all, Also hard to get a good weld to the washer if its not recessed.

The whole rig turned brown (Zinc burning off) but after some wire brushing it looks good.

Below that, hocky pucks (or your existing feet) make good padding. Save the prebought feet for a better application they fit into?

(When raising the feet, id put one wrench on the bottom nut and another on the middle nut, the bottom nut kept the foot from rotating)