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Thread: Dayton Belt/Disc sander parts

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    Default Dayton Belt/Disc sander parts

    I bought a Rockwell model 14 metal cutting bandsaw from a guy today, and for Lagniappe , he threw in a Dayton model 3Z855 belt/disc sander for nothing! It uses a 6" X 48" belt, and a 12" adhesive disc.

    Anyway, the adjustable table attachment for the disc part is missing, there are remnants of the table where it was broken, probably in moving.

    I suppose I could cobble something up, but would rather buy a part, if available.

    Anyone know who would provide parts for these things? There's a ton of them on used machine auction sites, but nothing on support.

    Is "Dayton" a house brand for Grainger? The show a machine in the catalog that looks very similar, but it is made by "Wilton"

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    If you go to the Grainger web site, there is a link to repair parts listing, it will also have the phone number for repair parts. In the repair parts link type in model number and a parts breakdown should come up. I have used this several time for repair of tools at the company I work for.


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