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Thread: Drill Q's: 118* vs 135*? and point vs split point?

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    Post Drill Q's: 118* vs 135*? and point vs split point?

    I see 118* point and 135* split point drills.

    Is 135* for harder metals?

    What's the difference between a point and a split point?

    Is the split point harder to resharpen?


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    The 135 degree point is for harder metal. The split point and thined web are modifications to the point on the drill bit which helps with starting the drilling process and helps stop the bit from walking. These are done in a seperate operations after the drill is sharpened. I have a Darex drill sharpener that will split the point and/ or thin the web. Go to the Darex site and look for the manuals on line. These will tell you everything that you ever wanted to know about drills.

    Hope this helps.


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