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Thread: Anilam Crusader II/ Crusader M Post Processor

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    Default Anilam Crusader II/ Crusader M Post Processor

    Will an Anilam Crusader II post processor write the proper code to be used with an Anilam Crusader M control? I am playing around with Dolphin CAM and it has a post processor for Crusader II but not an M.

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    No idea, try it.

    The codes will probably be similar if they are not the same.

    Dolphin should be willing to write a post processor for you if you bought the system.

    G00/01 will be universal. G02/03 I think is universal as well. You could run into problems where things like threading, coolant on/off, M codes, etc are not the same.

    I have a post processor that I use that is not made for the control that I use. I have to delete 3 lines, change 1 and it works fine for the control that I do have.

    I would almost always edit any program that I do manually anyway, even if it's a feed rate change. Much faster using search/replace in a text editor than going through the process in the CAM program.

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    Most likely would be alright. My understanding was "Crusader M" was a variation of the "Crusader II" control.

    Also if your able to write in .php you could modify/customize the Crusader II post processor easily enough

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