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Thread: So I took my machine shop into the woods…

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    Default So I took my machine shop into the woods…

    Hi Everyone,

    This is what I used as my shop while building our homestead in the mountains of West Virginia 20 years ago.

    I had to plan carefully so that the machines went in only once. First came the 16 inch South Bend lathe

    Then a Hardinge ESM spit bed turret lathe, an Elgin horizontal mill, a Burke horizontal mill (not pictured) & then this Bridgeport ended up angled across from the service door so long items would stick out the door while I worked on them.

    Finally there were 2 work benches, a TIG welder & oxy/acet. equipment. The compressor had to sit outside on a couple of shoring timbers.

    All a tight fit, but it worked.

    More photos here:

    & here:
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    Best wishes to ya’ll.



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