Curiously neither the miller nor the lathe were involved.

Here's the original spec.

The process isn't interesting enough to be interesting, certainly not to anyone here. But I photo-documented a lot of the process here.

Here's the last pic I took prior to delivery:

Sadly, in my excitement I neglected to take a true "final state" picture. It looks an awful lot better than that now. I wouldn't say it's shiny, but it's a very smooth surface. My plan had been to buff it all up "somehow", but in preparation for that I hit it with a plain old orbital sander with a 40 grit disc and realized that as long as I was sufficiently careful to avoid the visible circles by even motion, that the resulting finish was really quite nice. I also ended up using the orbital freehand on the bevel itself after I'd filed out the madness from freehanding the grinder with that bizarre wood framework I put together for sliding it back and forth.

I took your collective advice to heart and there's nothing sharp about it aside from the final point on the lower left side. The steel is 1/8" thick and the bevel is only half that.

I delivered it to the customer at a cigar lounge I frequent, which was full of "the usual suspects" all of whom ooh'ed and aaahh'ed over it. The customer himself was gobsmackingly happy.

It's fascinating to me that starting 24 hours after the fury of braggadocia, showing the pictures to everybody I could choke hold long enough to stand still and look at them, I'm utterly crestfallen that it's gone.

Furiously I'm casting around looking for the next project.

But for the rest of my life I get to say that my first commissioned metalworking job was a guillotine blade. :-)

I wouldn't have had the confidence to undertake this without you guys. Thanks again.