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    I have recently seen a few questions, and misunderstandings about exhibiting at Cabin Fever, so I thought Id provide a few details.

    There are two kinds of guys behind the tables- exhibitors and vendors.

    Vendors pay, depending on their space, a couple hundred dollars. They must register ahead, and they have the right to sell stuff at the show. They are commercial guys there to sell products.

    Exhibitors are just guys that want to show off what they have built. They pay the $10 to get in the show, but there is no other fee to exhibit. You just find a table you like and set up your models. There are some logical groupings, like the G scale train guys all get in one area, the model boat guys gather around the pond, etc. But even this is not fixed- if you want to take a table in the model boat area to show your flame licker engine, go for it, no one will kick you out.

    There are some tables supplied with compressed air pipes. If you want to run a steam engine you need to bring a flexible hose and pipe fittings to hook into a 3/8-NPT pipe valve. Most guys bring their own regulator since the main line may vary a lot in pressure.

    If you are running a gas engine you might want to get a table without the air line- the pipe can get in your way if you are not using it.

    Exhibitors are NOT allowed to sell anything over the table. This is an important rule- vendors paid to be selling, it is unfair to take an exhibitor space and sell stuff. Its also a bit risky, Gary is a big guy, ex-Blacksmith, and he does not like to find guys selling at exhibitor tables. He will escort you to the door.

    But if you want to sell a few items there is a consignment sales area. You take your item to the sign-in table, fill out a form and put the item on the sales tables. If it sells you go collect your money, minus a small commission. I have sold many hundred dollars worth of stuff this way.

    There are many benefits to being an exhibitor- one, you have a table and chair to park your hat and coat, and a place to sit for part of the day. You get to tell people about what you made. You will answer a few dumb questions, but you will also learn a lot- there will often be some guy come buy that is a real expert on whatever you have and the stories you hear can be very educational.

    You do not have to sit behind the table all day. I like to put out my display, then wander around the show until my feet hurt. Then I sit by my exhibit for a while, then back out to wander. I have never worried abut my models. If you have something real delicate you could cover it with a cloth while you are away. I have never seen anyone bother such a covered exhibit.

    Another big benefit is FREE BEER and BBQ. On Saturday night there is a vendor sponsored free buffet. The only way to get a ticket to his is to have a model on the table- On Saturday afternoon Gary will walk the floor of the show and hand out tickets to everyone he sees with an exhibit. The reception is at 6:00, just after they shoo out all the general public and close the doors.

    You do not have to have some amazing masterpiece of work to exhibit. Simple barstock engines are as welcome as anything. In fact, this year the 'cover girl' poster and badge photo will be Don Hall and his large collection of barstock engines. This is part of Garys plan to encourage everyone to exhibit their work.

    I think thats about it- just remember, bring whatever you have made and show it off.
    ron ginger

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    Would love to be there if it weren't so far away from me.

    Hopefully someone attending will post a few pics here for us that cannot attend.

    Thanks for posting the interesting information.

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