Hello all,

I'm new to this site and new to lathe metalworking. I've read or touched upon most of the threads in the third hand forum so I'm sure I'm not asking a ? already answered. Maybe.

I just became the owner of 9x20 Enco and I got it for a song! Unfortunately, the 'song' came in a lot of bags and boxes. Lots of bags and boxes, and no manual. I found a few manuals on-line for this model and settled with the Grizzly one as it seemed to have clear pictures!

The motor was not attached and I couldn't find any reference as to how it attaches to the lathe. Yes, I know it gets placed on the studs in the rear but what about spacers, shims, etc?

I placed the motor on the rear of the lathe and placed the cog belt/tooth belt between it and the idler. I 'guesstimated' a not too snug fit and used some washers/shim stock to keep the belt running true between the motor and idler. That seems OK. Maybe??

However, when I place the v-belt between the motor pulley and the spindle pulley, I have no slack on the v-belt and the tensioner doesn't do anything. When I power the thing up, everything goes to spinning!

When I put the v-belt between the idler and spindle pulleys, the belt is loose until I engage the tensioner and that part appears to work.

So, my first question is: Is it possible the cog belt/tooth belt is stretched (I don't think by that much) or is there another way to adjust the motor to the back of the lathe to accomodate the cog and v belts?

That's my first question, and once I figure out where all the extra parts go, I'm sure I'll have more.