Well here is the result of my review of LONGEVITYs 200DX TIG welding machine. I received it and it worked great for about 10 minutes of actual welding time. Then it stopped. Below is an email that longevity required me to send to them. They have so far given me the run around for warranty repair. After the first few calls they said that they would call me back and never did. So far to this day they have not returned ANY of my calls. I have adjusted the spark gap as per their recommendation to .030 from the factory setting of .043 with the same results, i.e. no arc only HF arc. (For those who don't know what a HF arc is, it is like an arc from a piezoelectric igniter for a propane gas bar-B-que grill. This starts the welding arc. That way you don't have to touch the tungsten to the work piece.) Then yesterday the person on the phone told me that "They received my machine and found the problem and repaired it and shipped it back" That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Ya see they would not give me a RMA (return authorization number) thus I NEVER sent it back. They have lots of promises and sweet talk but I :
1- have not received an RMA number
2-not received a return phone call
3-still have a broken defective welder.
Their online warranty says that they will pay shipping both ways within the first 30 days, thus an RMA number is needed.
When I received my welder it was missing a bag of TIG torch parts that is pictured in the online manual. They also promised that these were shipped out. I have NOT received these yet either.
When talking to all but one of the techs I was talked to as though I had never welded before. He kept asking me about the "preflow setting". He surly didn't understand how HF works. But that's understandable due to the product category that they are trying to fill.
Here are a few of the tools I own in my machine shop:
110v MIG
220v MIG
220 Stick AC/DC
220 Spot welder
220 Plasma cutter
Oxy/act torches
4' roller
3 phase 208v Milling machine
3 phase 208v lathe
4' brake
4' shear
Yada yada yada
That should give you a pretty good idea that I'm not a "NEWBY" welder.
Geeze, I can't even use it for a boat anchor because its only 50 lbs!!

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To whom it may concern, Simon,
As per your tech department I have to write this email to verify my problem.
I purchased a New 200DX. It arrived last week. I tried EVERY function on it and it worked fine. Stick worked with AC and DC. TIG worked with AC and DC on aluminum and steel just fine. It actually put down nice SMOOTH beads.
So I tried to run another test bead on the same aluminum test piece and all I could get was the high freq starting arc. NO WELDING ARC would initiate. I tried it on steel with the same results.
I tired the torch switch with the same result. I tried the pedal with the same result. I put in a new ground pointed tungsten with the same result. Still NO ARC, ONLY HF START.
The settings are:
Base currant 120
Up slope 50%
Down slope 50%
Pre flow 25%
PULSE------I tried off, med, high with the same results.
Arc freq 50%
Arc balance 50%
Arc force 25%
Starting amps 50%
Ending amps 50%
Post flow 50%
TIG/STICK was in the tig position
AC/DC tried both with the same results..AC for alum, DC for steel LIFT/HF was on HF but I also could NOT start an arc with sctratch start on lift.
2T/4T was set on 2T
+ terminal on welder had the ground clamp in it (YOUR ONLINE CAT SHOWS
+ IT THE OTHER WAY, but it would only matter for DC)
- terminal had the TIG torch in it. (YOUR ONLINE CAT SHOWS IT THE OTHER WAY, but it would only matter for DC) Gas was ARGON 100% set at 8 on your metric flow meter.

So then I tried another stick rod, 7018, and changed the swith from TIG to STICK and it strikes an arc fine and works perfect. Both AC and DC work fine in this setup.
TIG is dead except for HF start. The TIG cable ohms out at zero ohms. It must work because the HF start comes through it.

I'm unhappy because this is a NEW machine. If you know whats wrong with it please send parts if possible.