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I recently had to drill some 1"x2"x 1/16" thick items on my drill press table. I tried several types of vises but still had difficulty getting the object oriented to the drill bit and securing the vice. I could get one or the other but not both at the same time. I have a plastic pan beneath my table to catch debris,drill bits,etc. and this makes bolting down the vises difficult. Would appreciatge your recommendations or ideas. Thanks Paul
I use a magnetic chuck and a vise. I can move the vise around on the chuck with the drill press on and zero in on the punch mark then hit the power button for the chuck and it locks the vise in place.

Ive drilled some fairly "grabby" stuff that you would think would rotate the vise but the chuck has held it so far.

For your metal I would use a hole saw if the hole was larger than my largest step drill IF the hole was anything larger than say a 1/4". .250" and smaller Id use a regular drill bit for 16ga. sheet.. JR